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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The problem with restarting applications

Many users are frustrated with apps not working or staying frozen even though the device has available RAM.

It is not yet known what causes these problems, but you can try several different ways. Here are some solutions.

It's a good idea for overall performance and battery life to disable or uninstall apps that you don't use regularly.

The Facebook app is a big consumer of memory. If you can live without it, you will probably see a significant increase in productivity.

A software bug may cause the problem. Android independently launches updates to fix such issues, but if you have disabled this functionality, then go to "Settings" -> "About device" and go to the "Download updates manually" section.

Battery problem - low life

Many users have battery performance issues. The phone boots up quickly, but it also runs out of battery fast, and some smartphone and tablet owners can't end the day without recharging. Here are some guidelines on how to fix it.

First, turn off the features you are not using and set the screen brightness to the lowest you can read.

Background sync consumes battery power. If you do not need it, then go to the "Settings" -> "Accounts" menu and close all unnecessary.

All users report battery improvement after turning off WiFi. Therefore, if you do not use it, open "Settings" -> "WiFi" -> "Advanced" and turn it off (Smart Switch Network).

Some users have reported that connecting to a 2.4GHz WiFi router instead of 5GHz will reduce battery consumption, but it will also slow down the connection speed.

Another solution is to turn off notifications and all applications that are not in use.

You can also try deleting the cache - sometimes it helps and, of course, adjust the volume (the lower, the better for the battery)

If it doesn't work, you must contact the Phone Repair Online service provider because the battery can get damaged permanently and should be replaced.

Problem with slow WiFi or self-

shutdown Many users have WiFi issues when buying a PC - an android phone is no exception. There are many possible reasons for the WiFi problem. Here are the possible solutions

Restart your phone and router. It usually works, but the solution is not final.

Go to Settings -> WiFi and see if it's enabled. If the problem persists, use the application, WiFi Analyzer, to check the degree of congestion of the channel.

Check if the MAC filter of the router is turned on, turn it off, or add the MAC address if required by the provider. Find it in the Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced menu.

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